Håb-ikke-had-blog: Voldelig dansk racist i Luton Demo

Håb-ikke-had-blog: Voldelig dansk racist i Luton Demo

Det var et noget blandet segment som deltog i English Defence League (EDL) demoen,
i Luton den 5. Maj 2012.

En EDL tilhænger blev anholdt.

Kasper Mortensen som for nylig blev fyret som leder af Det Danske Defence League,
blev fotograferet ved EDL demoen i Luton.

HOPE not hate blog: Violent Danish racist at Luton Demo


Kasper Mortensen photographed at todays EDL demo in Luton. Mortensen was recently sacked as head of The Danish Defence League after he was jailed for 28 days after he launched a violent attack against a night club bouncer in his native Denmark. Here he is photographed with Mark Carlton, an EDL activist from Huddersfield

Amser Dechrau Eto: What I’m just not gettingapart from the fact that they are each and every one of them a waste of a good human skin ! Is this daft “No surrender” stuff that keeps getting shown ..They might show a bit of creativity and come up with something original instead of stealing it from a terrorist group ! .. then again theyn might all suddenly evaporate .. which would be better

5. maj 2012 kl. 16:56″ for 23 timer siden Synes godt om 1

Sue Soupy Parry: Errr, I thought they were against bringing foreign criminals into the UK?

5. maj 2012 kl. 17:03″ for 23 timer siden  Synes godt om 8

Steve Taylor: Good point Sue :)

5. maj 2012 kl. 17:15 for 23 timer siden Synes godt om

Karen Hayes: I’m half English and half Danish. This makes me feel ashemed. These people are unenlightened. We are all part of a global village now.

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Chris White: If he wants to defend Denmark he can feel free to do so while getting the hell out of our country. British racists are bad enough without foreign counterparts infesting us further…

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